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Web Development in Mac OS X - Complete Guide (671 Zugriffe)

Finally, I switched entirely to Mac. It is a little frustrating that there is not a complete resource on how to set up a web development enviroment on Mac OS X. The majority of tutorials are outdated.

I will try to write this guide as complete as possible. I will cover the following key aspects:

* Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP and configuring them
* Adding XDebug to the package
* Installing Subversion
* Setting up an IDE for web development
* Setting up a Windows virtual machine for testing the websites/web apps. in Internet Explorer

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How To Setup PHP5 with Tomcat 5 (911 Zugriffe)

Sometimes, you want to run PHP with Tomcat. Why? Well, you may have a legacy product, for instance, that will require servlets for many more years. Or you may be using this gigantic Java program and are only interested in adding a tiny PHP piece on the side.

There are many guides showing how to do this available, but they become outdated almost as soon as they are published. So, it’s my turn to write a short-lived guide, this time for PHP 5.2.5 :)
Note thas this post relies greatly on information found here. Too bad even that guide got old so fast!

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Compiling PHP for Windows Vista using Visual C++ Express 2008 - Seriously! (1157 Zugriffe)

Over the past week or so I've been figuring out how to compile PHP on Windows, specifically Windows Vista. It's been an interesting ride since I'm not very familiar with compiling on Windows to start with. However with some perseverence, and the help of all two useful online sources of information for the task of compiling PHP on Windows, I got around to accomplishing it.

The main source of information available is an excellent guide written by Elizabeth Marie Smith in December 2006 about compiling PHP5 and PHP-GTK2 using Visual C++ Express. The other basically refers back to Elizabeth's article and adds some details on needing ICU to compile PHP6. If you are currently using Windows XP and Visual C++ Express 2005, then you need look no further. This is the single most informative source about compiling PHP on Windows that I could locate.

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PHP with Apache on Windows? Piece of Cake! (1401 Zugriffe)

You may have considered setting up PHP on your Microsoft Windows server that's running Apache, but thought that it would be too tedious or clunky to be worth the effort. Wrong! We'll get you up and running in no time flat with this speedy little tutorial!

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php-5.2.5 on Leopard (848 Zugriffe)

Anyway, one of the things that happened during development was an upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard. There are a bunch of things wrong with Leopard, but over all I'm pretty happy with it. I did, however, have a bit of a hard time getting my development environment up and running (I did a clean install). After the jump, I'll outline the steps that I took to get a functioning Apache, PHP, MySQL installed. Sure, you could use the leopard-bundled Apache and PHP, but if you're like me, you generally upgrade PHP (and use weird extensions) a lot more often than Apple will upgrade it.

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Working with PHP 5 in Mac OS X 10.5 (1142 Zugriffe)

Mac OS X is a great development platform for working with PHP. Leopard comes with Apache, PHP and many other development tools, such as subversion already installed. Leopard brings a much needed upgrade from Tiger's tired PHP 4 to a very modern version of PHP 5.2.4. This is a guide for setting up a PHP development environment under 10.5 using the version of PHP that ships with leopard.

You may prefer to use one of the 3rd party distributions of PHP, such as MAMP, XAMPP or Marc Liyanage. This is a guide to using the version of PHP that comes with 10.5.

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How To Install A Complete LEMP (Linux - EngineX (Nginx HTTP SERVER) - Mysql - PHP) Server (Not LAMP. (1405 Zugriffe)

This HowTo will describe the setup of an efficient http server and mail server for small or medium configurations (as low as 96 mb). So this config is ideal for a small VPS. You can find a good choice of cheap and performant VPS (XEN) at x|encon, a german hosting company. they provide many scalable VPS solutions with pre-installed Debian and Ubuntu disc images.

Why LEMP instead of LAMP? NGINX is a great replacement for Apache with very low memory footprint and great stability.

Note: i will use the name yourdomain.com for all configurations on a fresh minimal installation of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn server edition.

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Optimizing Apache, PHP and APC for Intel based Mac (655 Zugriffe)

I wrote a blog last year about optimizing Apache, PHP and APC for the new Macs with Intel CPUs. At that time I could not get the ICC compiler to work in my setup, but now I have gotten the new soon to be released Intel C++ compiler version 10 from the guys at Intel and things are working much better now. I used the same machine and same setup as in my last post just with the new Intel compiler installed.
The installation itself is quite simple just click through the wizard and when you are done you need to export some environment variables and set the CC compiler variable:

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Installing PHP6 (For beginners) (1245 Zugriffe)

Hello all, you might have read that PHP6 is under and has been under development for the past few months. Well after hacking around some code trying to get some DirectoryIterator unicoded and ready for php6, I have ran into the problem of compiling php6.. So I figured, might as well give an idea to anyone who feels like on how to install (compile) php6.

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Building Apache with PHP, MySQL, OCI8 instant client support (2443 Zugriffe)

There are many howtos on building Apache with PHP, MYSQL support, but it is very rare to find some document on OCI8 support with Apache Build, recently I was building a web server in my data center and I was really in trouble when I was searching some installation document, there are few documents , but most of them are using either RPM version of packages or they are missing some of the essential steps. I am trying to write a howto that will help you to at least understand the installation with step-by-step method.

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