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The ABC's of PHP: Introduction to PHP (1279 Zugriffe)

"Hey ma...I've just heard that the latest and greatest thing is PHP, so I'm gonna go learn me some PHP and write a web-based game that will rock the world..."
We've all seen it on forum postings, heard it said in circles of developers, and probably the most often, from newcomers to the science ('noobs' as they are often called).
So, what exactly is PHP? Well for starters, if you're looking to write a web-based game that will rock the world, PHP is not the language you need. If however you're serious about writing top class web applications, or highly interactive web sites, then PHP may just be right up your alley.
In this 10 part series, I'm going to take you through the basics of PHP and hopefully give you a taste of what such a versatile language can do. I am not, however, going to preach that PHP is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'll let you decide that for yourself!

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PHP Basics: Intro to PHP (1518 Zugriffe)

In this primer, author Stirling Hughes offers up a solid introduction to PHP, tells you why we use PHP, and provides you with a basic example to get you started!

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Fundamentals of PHP Superglobals (1252 Zugriffe, 2 Kommentare)

This month's article is aimed at PHP developers who're not yet familiar with the PHP superglobals. Usage of superglobals is fundamental to PHP web development, but, with all the recent changes in PHP, there are still many outdated tutorials, books, and sadly, still much confusion.

PHP superglobals are automatically available throughout all scripts, in all scopes. In other words, you don't have to do anything, no declaring, no passing - they're just there. They provide useful information about the environment, allow access to HTML form variables or parameters, access to cookies stored on a client, as well as keeping track of sessions and file uploads.

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Elisnandia schreibt:
Please teach the rest of these itenrnet hooligans how to write and research!

Paola schreibt:
I'm so glad I found my soultoin online.

What's new in PHP V5.2, Part 4: Using the new ZIP extension (739 Zugriffe)

ZIP? It's about time! PHP just added ZIP features to PHP V5.2. Now they're now built-in. This article, Part 4 of a five-part "What's new in PHP V5.2" series, shows you how to make the most of this new feature by creating, editing, uploading and reading, and creating and downloading ZIP files. After reading this article, you will be well versed in the art of ZIP files using the latest ZIP PHP extension in PHP V5.2, so you can reduce bandwidth overhead or storage usage when handling large files with PHP.

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Detailed Guide On Arrays In PHP (2191 Zugriffe)

Here is yet another article of Fast PHP Articles Series. Today we are going to discuss ARRAYS. We will learn its syntax, its different types, the different built-in array functions that help to perform different tasks related to arrays quickly and different practical examples explaining the use of arrays in PHP.

By the end of this article you should be able to:

- Define Arrays
- Use different types of Arrays
- Use different Built-in functions related to Arrays e.g list(), each(), var_dump, print_r, var_export()

- Write basic as well as complex php code using Arrays.
- Working with multidimensional arrays
- Understanding Foreach loop with the help of different examples

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Loops In PHP (2629 Zugriffe)

Let’s move towards our today’s lecture which is about Loops.

There are certain conditions in which you need to execute the same block of code again and again. For example if you want to print ten consective equal signs in three lines to make a separater then you could do it with different methods. One could be to use three echo statements and put ten equal signs in each

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PHP Programming Basics (2011 Zugriffe, 2 Kommentare)

This article is the first of a series of PHP guides that aim at teaching you the basics of PHP programming.

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Brady schreibt:
Hey, that's the grteaest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

Elouise schreibt:
I cannot tell a lie, that really hleepd.

Podcast : PHP Theory 1 (1281 Zugriffe)

Scott Johnson has created and posted another in his podcast series today, this time, he looks not at the development side of PHP - the actual code - but at the theory behind its development and best practices.

At the request of a listener to past podcasts, Scott created this one to share some of his experiences and findings along the path of his develoopment. Some of the items covered in the podcast include:

* package and library management
* naming conventions
* the seperation of UI and business logic
* code distribution
* using test harnesses

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Linux World Slides: What's New in PHP 5 [PDF] (1151 Zugriffe)

My first talk discussed What's New in PHP 5 and focused primarily on the new object-oriented features. I also gave a quick overview of SimpleXML and SQLite, including some brief examples.

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Starting PHP. To include insteas of hello world :) (3909 Zugriffe)

But what's next? You probably suspect some kind of php hello world tutorial right?
Wrong. I don't like hello world. So instead we are going to do something usefull already.

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