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How To Create Your Own Stats Program (JavaScript, AJAX, PHP) (2437 Zugriffe)

When creating a website, one main goal is to attract visitors. Traffic generation is a necessity for monetary purposes, showing off your work, or just expressing your thoughts. There are many ways to create traffic for your website. Search engines, social bookmarking, and word of mouth are just a few examples. But how do you know whether this traffic is genuine? How do you know if your visitors are coming back for a second time?

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Create a Slick Flickr Gallery with SimplePie (820 Zugriffe)

I've wanted to write a tutorial for quite some time now, and APIs have always been a particular interest of mine. So with my wife's recent foray into photography, I decided a Flickr tutorial would be first cab off the rank! Using RSS, Flickr and jQuery all together was pretty fun too.

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Screencast: Build a Login and Registration System with PHP & XML (848 Zugriffe)

Building an entire membership system can be a tedious, and time-consuming task. Tim Cooper is going to show us how to build the ENTIRE thing in roughly thirty minutes. Rather than using MYSQL as our database, Tim will instead demonstrate an alternate approach: using an XML file. We'll be reviewing PHP, .htaccess files, sessions, and more!

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Building a User Management Application (1407 Zugriffe)

Any application that is security critical will have some kind of method to track and maintain user activity. In this article we will begin to build a user management system that will give us control over who has access to which part of our application. This is the second part of a nine-part series.

Our user management system will include the following modules:

* Login
* Logout
* User Registration
* Account Activation
* Password Management

These are the basis of all sites and applications that requires secure user management.

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User Management Explained: Overview (1004 Zugriffe)

In this article we will look at how to create a secure user management module. No user authentication or user management script can ever be one hundred percent secure, but we can try to use the tools that are available to us to their maximum, and thereby make it difficult for malicious users to hack our scripts.

Among the topics that we will be looking at are:

* Data Validation
* Password encryption methods

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User Membership With PHP (770 Zugriffe)

A tutorial for the very beginners! No matter where you go on the internet, there's a staple that you find almost everywhere - user registration. Whether you need your users to register for security or just for an added feature, there is no reason not to do it with this simple tutorial. In this tutorial we will go over the basics of user management, ending up with a simple Member Area that you can implement on your own website.

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If you want to create AVM2 swfs from PHP (571 Zugriffe)

If you want to create AVM2 (Actionscript 3) swfs from PHP then this file may be useful. It creates the number formats used in AVM2 swfs, as described here. I created these functions for the SWX project and am releasing the code under the MIT licence so it can be used in other projects too.

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Standards-compliant Link Targets with Wordpress (1299 Zugriffe)

Wordpress is an extremely popular site blogging software written in PHP. It does a great job of creating standards-compliant web sites. Plus it’s a good idea to continue with that effort when adding modifications.

I ran into an issue on one of my own Wordpress sites the other day, so I decided to share with you my solution. What happened was I added an SEO modification to my site that finds all external links in my page and adds a rel=”nofollow” attribute to them. However, I also like to target my external links to new windows, but the target attribute for the “a” tag has been depreciated and will not validate under XHTML strict.

So I decided to combine a solution for both. I wanted to create a PHP script that finds all links and checks the URL to see whether the destination is inbound or outbound. If it is outbound, it adds a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the link.

Once the page loads, a JavaScript scans for all outbound links and dynamically targets them to a new window. This results in outbound links that open in new windows, while keeping the site both SEO friendly and standards compliant.

For those who don’t understand the need for using the rel attribute on outbound links, this is a technique used by web masters to help preserve PageRank and increase search engine ranking. I’ll try to explain this very briefly.

Search engines rank pages based on a number of different criteria. Two of these are inbound and outbound links. As a web master, you can only control the second. These outbound links are followed by the search engine spider, which determines how well they relate to your site. The more closely related they are, the better your site will rank because the search engines have determined that this is more useful to end users.

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Migrating from WordPress to CakePHP (663 Zugriffe)

I'm currently working on migrating my blog from WordPress to a light-weight CakePHP replacement that I hope to enhance and customize to my liking easily in future. Its not like WordPress has treated me badly, if it wasn't around I'd probably never have started this blog and never gotten to where I am right now. While I'm giving out kudos, I'd also like to mention that you, the readers of this blog have been an amazingly good audience by sharing your knowledge and opinions on PHP programming with me, while also being very encouraging about the whole thing. I really feel bad when I don't get to blog, so time to do it again : ).

In this post I'm simply going to throw out some snippets to show how I'm currently approaching the whole process in order to give both my insight into what works and what doesn't, while also hoping to get some people to share their insight into migrating legacy apps to CakePHP.

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Creating an Online Survey - Part 1 (1419 Zugriffe)

We've all come across some sort of online survey that asks a few questions about our interests or our online shopping experience. In this article we're going to walk you through the creation of a similar online survey that you can use on your own web site.

Basically we're going to create a survey of 10 to 12 questions that gather information about the user, as well as their views and opinions. We'll do this in two ways. The first way we're going to do this is to email a reader the survey results. They will be formatted in a readable manner, and then emailed using PHP's internal mail() function.

The other way we're going to collect the data is by storing it in a database. Instead of making it so only one person sees the results, we'll also create a results page and calculate exactly how many people have voted for each answer.

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