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<SDO_Model_Property::isMany SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject::export>
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SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject::__construct --  Construct an SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject


SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject::__construct ( SDO_DataObject data_object )


Diese Funktion ist EXPERIMENTELL. Das Verhalten, der Funktionsname und alles Andere was hier dokumentiert ist, kann sich in zukünftigen PHP-Versionen ohne Ankündigung ändern. Seien Sie gewarnt und verwenden Sie diese Funktion auf eigenes Risiko.

Construct an SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject to reflect on an SDO_DataObject. Reflecting on an SDO_DataObject gives access to information about its model. The model contains information such as the data object's type, and whether that type is sequenced (preserves ordering across properties) or open (each instance can have its model extended). The model also holds information about the data object's properties, any default values they may have, and so on.

Parameter Liste


The SDO_DataObject being reflected upon.



<SDO_Model_Property::isMany SDO_Model_ReflectionDataObject::export>
Letzte Aktualisierung: Fri, 03 Oct 2014

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