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Tutorials: XML
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Parsing XML using PHP (1876 Zugriffe)

Parsing XML is a very common task when programming for the web. This article will show you how to use the eZ xml parser to handle XML documents.

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Using XML-RPC with PHP (2422 Zugriffe)

This article will cover installing PHP with XML-RPC support, examples of XML-RPC requests and responses, the basic functions used for XML-RPC requests, creating an XML-RPC server, creating an XML-RPC client, and suggests some resources for more information on XML-RPC.

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XML- RPC Client (2662 Zugriffe)

This tutorial is written for the PHP developer interested in implementing an XML-RPC client in PHP. Experience working with PHP classes and an understanding of the HTTP protocol are assumed.
This tutorial teaches you, step-by-step, how to build an XML-RPC client in PHP using the XML-RPC library written by Edd Dumbill. It covers each of the PHP classes you will be using, and how they fit together to form the final client.

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XSL Transformation With PHP And Sablotron (1325 Zugriffe, 1 Kommentare)

PHP's increasing support for XML-based technologies makes new and different types of applications possible - as this article will demonstrate, by combining PHP with XSLT to perform server-side transformations of XML data. Keep reading.

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Marcel Schindler schreibt:
Der Link ist nicht mehr gültig :(

Stattdessen könnte man dieses Tutorial lesen

DOM and SAX Are Dead, Long Live DOM and SAX (1970 Zugriffe)

The XML developer community finds that DOM is often inappropriate, while SAX is too hard to grasp. The XML-Deviant covers a discussion on the usage and future for these APIs.

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Transform Your PHP with XSLT (1905 Zugriffe)

If I convinced you that XSL is something you want to add to your next database-driven Website, you're probably anxious to learn how to integrate an XSL processor with the server-side language of your choice. While many options exist in this arena, this article will show you how to set up and use an XSL processor in PHP.

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DOM XML: An Alternative to Expat (1421 Zugriffe)

The DOM (Document Object Model) is a way to access and parse XML files. This article gives an introduction to parsing XML files with PHP's DOM library.

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Turn your browser into an XML-RPC client (1498 Zugriffe)

It's an XML-RPC message builder, written in JavaScript. It takes JavaScript data objects and converts them into an XML-RPC message.

There are actually two components available here. One is the message builder, the other a PHP gateway called xmlrpc-socket that forwards XML-RPC requests to remote servers over the Internet. Together they turn your browser into an XML-RPC client.

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PHP and XML (3523 Zugriffe, 1 Kommentare)

This tutorial takes you step by step into developing a web application that displays employee data that is stored in an XML file. Although this script could be updated and extended (IE: added functionality), this script is mainly a beginning point to a vast area of scripting.

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