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Tutorials: XML
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XML-Verarbeitung mit PHP 5 [PDF] (1659 Zugriffe)

Slides des Vortrags von Sebastian Bergmann auf der internationalen PHP-Conference 2003 in Frankfurt/Main.

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XML Pull in PHP (1507 Zugriffe)

Been playing around with an alternative API for parsing XML which may appeal if you hate SAX and DOM.

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Using the DOM XML functions to create XML files from SQL data (1605 Zugriffe)

This tutorial is intended for developers who wish to extract data from a database and insert it into XML files so that it can be processed in some way, usually by transforming it into HTML using an XSL file.

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More PHP, XML and XSL for Wireless Content (1025 Zugriffe)

In this article, Jason will demonstrate how to use PHP with XSL to manage your XML data in numerous wireless technologies.

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Dynamic XML conversion using the SAX parser and a stack (2234 Zugriffe)

This article describes an alternative way of converting XML to HTML using the SAX parser. For each tag you want to convert, you write a conversion function. This function is called with two arguments: contents and attributes. The return value of the function will replace the tag and its contents in the finished document.

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A Rough Sketch of the PHP DOM XML Extension (1554 Zugriffe)

For anyone who has been puzzling over the PHP DOMXML extension the UML diagram here may help.

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SAX-like apps in PHP (1628 Zugriffe)

While there is no official implementation of the Simple API for XML (SAX) in PHP, PHP does provide a SAX-like method for working with both local and remote XML files. In this article, author Nicholas Chase shows you how to work with XML files in PHP by building and setting handler functions and creating a parser. He demonstrates SAX in PHP with a page-building exercise in which he crafts a page based on the result of an Amazon Web Services query.

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PreviewUsing Sablotron to process XSLT (1152 Zugriffe)

With HTML, developers knew where they stood: design, content, and styling were all in one place. However, the new (and superior) trend is towards keeping various parts of data separate: XML stores content, CSS stores styling, and XHTML stores layout.

Using the new system, with content and layout clearly split, it is suddenly much easier to manipulate content without affecting layout. This is where XSLT comes in: it provides a way to process and output the data stored in an XML document based upon your processing instructions.

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Using PHP and XSL to Transform XML into Web Content (1902 Zugriffe, 1 Kommentare)

This tutorial is for developers who have been looking for ways to use XML to manage web content, and XSL to style and format that content. You should be familiar with XML, and having some experience with XSL would be helpful.
In this tutorial you will learn:
- An introduction to XML, XSL's technologies and the Simplified DocBook DTD.
- How to use PHP and XSL to transform a XML document into HTML

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Alexandru COSTIN schreibt:
Check also http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/

Krysalis is a mature platform for XML/XLS on PHP.


Building XML Trees With PHP (1346 Zugriffe, 1 Kommentare)

Over the next few pages, I'm going to be introducing you to a free PHP class named XMLTree, which allows you to manipulate XML document trees in a manner similar (though *not* completely identical) to that available in the standard PHP DOM extension...without requiring you to first recompile your PHP build.

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xml-trees schreibt:
new link : http://www.devshed.com/c/a/PHP/Building-XML-Trees-With-PHP/


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