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Tutorials: XML
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XML How-to (with PHP) (4152 Zugriffe)

Joe Stump erläutert in seinem Tutorial die XML-Fähigkeiten von PHP.

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Using Saxon's Java API in PHP4 to transform XML (1250 Zugriffe)

In this tutorial the author begins by introducing PHP4's Java support and the increasing support for eXtensible Style Language Tranformations (XSLT), then explains how how to use the Saxon XSLT processor's Java API in PHP to transform an XML document. The page includes code listings and links to alternative ways to transform XML using PHP.

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Java/PHP integration promises richer XML support (1561 Zugriffe)

Relying on the bridge he has built between PHP and Java, Sam Ruby is progressively adding, or planning to add, new interfaces to Java XML tools such as Cocoon, XSLT and SOAP.

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Parsing XML With PHP (3161 Zugriffe)

This article will present the concept of XML parsing using the PHP scripting language.

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Fill your XML toolbox: Essential tools and libraries for using XML with PHP (1409 Zugriffe)

"The PHP scripting language's XML support has a few gaps, but you can fill them with Java objects in a pinch. In this article, find out what XML tools are available now for PHP developers looking to craft XML projects, and find out how to access Java objects until the PHP tool set matures."

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Using PHP and XML with Apache Cocoon (2248 Zugriffe)

"In short Cocoon is a suite of Java Servlets that sit on your server waiting for .xml pages and then - if applicable - it applies the relevant XSL transformations.
I've been playing with Cocoon as a "learning" project for some time now but my main problem has been that of generating the XML dynamicly by using PHP and then using Cocoon to do the transformations. You can’t embed PHP into a .xml page because Cocoon doesn't recognise it and to write XSP's I needed to learn Java, which at the current time is not an option for me.

Prompted by a few postings to the PHP4Beta list I realised that it would be possible to employ a workaround and still use PHP, so I set off to see if I could get it to work. Needless to say I did, so here is a very simple example of using PHP to generate XML dynamically and then using Cocoon to give me browser friendly mark-up."

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Parsing XML with PHP (3110 Zugriffe)

This article is intended for the experienced PHP programmer, interested in writing applications using XML. It assumes that you are familiar with XML's syntax and advantages.

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XML and PHP. Part 1: Using the WDDX functions (3534 Zugriffe)

"The Extensible Markup Language (XML), is a metalanguage that allows the definition of markup languages. It is not a markup language in itself, but you can think of it as providing the construction rules for specialized languages used for data description. XML is not the new generation HTML, it is more oriented to be used in data applications in which the data and its rendition are separated. HTML mixes data description with data rendering, i.e. it has tags like < TITLE> mixed with tags such as < B >."

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